Healthy Salaries in Health Care

If you think you need to be an MD to earn a prime salary in health care, think again. The doctors are not the only ones pulling down healthy salaries. Some of the highest health care salaries may well surprise you.In fact, you may be surprised to discover that the top current salary among non-MD health professionals is earned by a pharmacist. Today the prime salary for a pharmacist is about $105,000 a year. Pharmacists are not mere medication dispensers, either. These professionals must know what goes into medications, what their primary effects are, and what their potential side effects may be. They are also teachers; they are responsible for teaching patients the right way to use medication, including what to avoid when using it.Because many people develop chronic illnesses or conditions, a pharmacist may become someone’s primary health care professional for a very long time. His knowledge of medication and his ability to convey intelligent use and alternatives to his customers is invaluable. Becoming a pharmacist is almost as involved as becoming a medical doctor: a typical pharmacist today finishes two years undergraduate science study, passes a pharmaceutical college entrance examination, and, if accepted, finishes a four-year course of study earning a doctorate in pharmacy.Physician assistants are also highly salaried; today’s physician assistant is likely to earn $85,000 a year. Today, a medical doctor is just as likely to delegate routine physical examinations, basic treatments, and basic patient counseling to a physician assistant while the doctor tends directly to the most specialised problems of his patients. More important, physician assistants find themselves part of a fast-growing career path, particularly in the inner city or the rural area, according to several health field surveys.A physician assistant typically earns a college degree and obtains health-care work experience before or while finishing an accredited program and a national examination. But the PA’s education does not stop there; typically, they are required to finish one hundred hours of continuing education in the newest medical techniques every two years, and they must re-certify every six years.If you have the kind of personality that empathises with and reassures others, you may want to consider a career as a radiation therapist. Typically, this professional earns about $77,000 a year, and the job includes reviewing diagnoses and prescriptions from radiologists, preparing X-ray equipment, and keeping continuously updated and accurate records. According to numerous reports, moreover, radiation therapy is thought to be one of the steadiest-growing health career fields.Typical radiation therapists earn bachelor’s degrees heavily oriented toward the sciences and toward physics, since they work with the physics side of the body. Certification in radiation therapy is also a requirement.These are the three highest-salaried, non-medical doctor careers in the health field today. Following them to complete the top five are physical therapists (around $76,000 per year), and occupational therapists ($71,000). Health care careers whose salary ranges are between $49,000-70,000 are, in ascending order, physical therapy assistants ($49,000), cardiovascular technicians (also $49,000), certified occupational therapy assistants ($51,000), dietitians ($53,000), radiologic technicians ($54,000), respiratory therapists ($54,000), medical and clinical laboratory technicians ($56,000), diagnostic sonographers ($64,000), occupational health and safety specialists ($64,000), registered nurses ($67,000), orthotists and prosthetists (artificial limb specialists/technicians, basically; $67,000), audiologists ($67,000), dental hygienists ($68,000), speech-language pathologists ($68,000), and nuclear medicine technologists ($68,000).

Our Health Care System Crisis

The political struggle continues over the health care system and what will finally evolve after congregational action. The house voted to repeal the healthcare reform bill and to start all over on initiatives that will target the problems in the healthcare industry with fiscally responsible actions. The senate so far has held the party line and supports the current law. Many states are challenging the constitutionality of the law and the mandate for everyone to purchase health care insurance. The constitutionality of this law will probably be decided in the supreme court.No matter what happens in this next round of political shenanigans it is still your health that is on the line. The new system will not help you from getting sick, only you can control your own wellness.With the great controversy raging in the nation over what direction our health care system is going to take it is critical that we as individuals begin taking responsibility for our own wellness. If we don’t take personal responsibility for our own health we may end up relying on a government or private system that can not or will not be able to support our specific problems.The current direction of our congressional leaders is to mandate that 20-30 million people who do not currently have health insurance must by law have health insurance or face a fine. Legislation mandates that insurance companies must make health insurance available to those individuals. There is currently a projected shortage of doctors and the addition of 20-30 million more people will surely result in rationing of care. Some states that have implemented such legislation, such as Massachusetts, are already experiencing unusually long waits to get an appointment with a doctor.As a nation we are in terrible health. Our youth are facing a medical crisis today that often did not appear until middle age. Those in middle age are suffering from chronic degenerative diseases that our parents did not have until the later stages in life. Our elderly population suffers from those same degenerative diseases including macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Why are we having an epidemic of obesity, onset (type 2) diabetes and degenerative diseases? Why can’t we do a better job of preventing disease instead of just treating it once it is discovered?What can we do proactively to ensure that we are doing the very best we can for our bodies? Has the medical community provided us with the all the facts we need to know? What is the real story on how our bodies function and is there anything we can do to ensure they have the capability to fight and win the war against degenerative diseases?Our health care system is under attack and may not be able to provide for us when we really need it. For too long we have depended on the health care system to tell us through early detection what is ailing us. What that really means is that until we show symptoms of a disease the medical community has not been trained to help us. Often that discovery comes too late and we end up in the health care system being treated with solutions designed to cure or mask our disease or to keep us alive while we suffer the ravages of the disease. Wouldn’t it be easier to look for solutions to keep us healthy in the first place? Real preventative medicine would focus on preventing disease not just discovering it, what a novel concept to reduce the strain on our health care system, help people not get sick. Emerging medical science has discovered the intricacies of our bodies’ immune system and reports that keeping the immune system strong and healthy significantly reduces our risk of illness.I believe that through proper investigation and study we can find ways to remain healthy longer. Educating the average person on what the emerging science is finding out about the intricacies of our bodies will reap great rewards, not only for our health care costs but for the individual as well. I am going to dedicate my efforts in researching the medical literature to make a case for preventive health care. We must learn how to optimize our health, the quality of the rest of our lives depend upon it!Look for my next article where I will look at some science based recommendations for beginning your own preventive health care regiment. Visit my blog for information on preventive medicine and the latest health studies.

Gambling Stories and Tales

Gamblers and gambling have both been known throughout the world for their fair or rather unfair dealings. People gamble not only for money but also for the fun of it. Some might even do for the heck of it too. But all said and done, gambling is a global phenomenon and the world is shrinking under its coverage. Gambling can allure you. Because of its mesmerizing returns and success stories it has many people its slaves. Gambling is not exactly easy money but sheer luck. It’s the way you want to look at it. For some the adrenaline rush on the table is the only incentive to dole out a lot of money. For others it may be a status symbol. In all forms gambling never disappoints. It fulfills one or the other dream of a person.But the worse part of gambling is the use of gambling to defeat the other games. Betting in different sports is a kind offence the deals in losing a match or fixing it are considered to be heinous crimes and the punishment is banishment of the person from the game. The gambling thus has some negative impact on the society.The cinema has been greatly been touched by the gaming lifestyles. Gambling has influenced the silver screen as well as the lives of many people. Movie industry has found numerous award winning plots of the pretext of gambling and gamblers. Not only the games make great plots but the casino grandeur also attracts many producers to make films.Gambling has made it big in the literary world too. The novels of the contemporary writers go deep in to the intricacies of gambling and the protagonist is either the top gambler or the one fighting against it. Money does come easy through gambling. This is a constant feeling that is ingrained in the readers through the novels and literature.It is an overwhelming phenomenon. To see some one as fallible as us win a million dollar hand is something that can take anybody’s composure away. The games for this reason attracted the young towards it. The television shows with the concept of real life entertainment are now coming up with series involving the gambling experience. Such an event requires all the quick thinking one can do and that makes it all the more interesting. Thus we can say that gambling’s passion has easily made it a hit among the top class of people and definitely the middle through persuasion.Gambling is fascinating. No body can deny it. The gamblers are very practical people. It is a great feeling to live and win along with them. There is tremendous influence of gambling across USA and the affiliation of it with glamour style and money has made it very popular among the masses. There is a lot written about the history and growth of gambling. the libraries have enormous documentation regarding the ancient and contemporary form of gambling.The latest inclusion which has put forth a great image of gambling is the concept of having TV shows telecasting the live poker and other gambling events. Gambling is multipurpose activity and everyone is free to try the luck. This makes gambling one of the most popular activities on the globe.